A premium, layered navigation for WooCommerce.


Better user experience in your store is now available. This layered navigation plugin for WooCommerce allows for quick drill down, helping visitors find exactly what they want, in an instant. Each time a selection is made, automatic results display and all options are adjusted perfectly (no matter the order).

Let’s say you are looking for red Nikes in size 10. You can quickly select the “brand” and “size”, see what you like then change the color selection to “red”, all options will be displayed instantly. Now, add your size and there’s everything. Let’s say you want to open it up to all brands, just click the x and get rid of your “brand” option and right then you’ll have an entire list of what you’re wanting to see.

That’s not all, this plugin allows for layered navigation of: Categories, Attributes, Tags, Pricing, Sales, Inventory and Images. With the right set up there’s not much this WordPress plugin for WooCommerce can’t do.

There’s more! There’s a secondary widget you can add to a product page. It shows the recent selections you’ve made and allows you to go back to results or remove a selection. If you remove a selection you are brought to a results page with all of the options you’ve recently selected minus the one you opted to remove. This adds a feature that significantly enhances the user’s experience.

And use the built in WooCommerce search functionality! When you search with a keyword your results will display and the layered navigation will adjust according to the search term used. Only attributes and options will display that are available. Magic.


With the Respondo WooCommerce Layered Navigation Plugin you’re in total control. The options (control panel) of this plugin are second to none and you’ll be able to easily match the design of your theme (without custom CSS, if you want).

Colors: change every font, hover, active, border, background color you see. Everything with color is an option.

Text: change all the text to the right size to match your theme.

Style: Control the border width, if you want rounded corners, padding changes for the title area and if you want arrows to display shutting a section or not.

Custom CSS: Your very own section to put custom CSS (to keep everything nicely organized), if you really need it.

Some of the Options

(There are a lot more…)


Full control of the placement of each option with the simple drag and drop feature that you’re used to with WordPress. When you add the widget to your shop pages and a user visits a category page the options reflect what’s available on the particular page you’re on too (not just the shop page).

When managing the options with the widget you can control: whether or not “your selections” are shown at the top of the page and the top of the widget area. You’re also in control of what element to display, how it’s shown (list or buttons), how many show before scrolling and a title. Full control.

Adding an Option

Adding an Option in Widgets

(Add as many as you need.)

Selections Settings

Selections Settings

Product Page Widget

Product Widget Selections

What it looks like (on the front end)

Front End Product Selections Option

The User Experience

There is no comparison. This is without question the most powerful, user friendly Layered Navigation plugin available.

Easy Drill Down and Modification

Users are able to easily drill down to what they’re looking for. They also have the ability to quickly modify searches.

Layered Navigation User Experience

Category Pages Covered

When a visitor lands on a Category Page the Layered Navigation still has you covered! All available options in that category are available (and none that are not). It’s a beautiful concept with a clear focus on the user’s experience.

Category Page Ready Layered Navigation

Product Pages Widget

Don’t leave your user confused after they’ve selected a product. You’re able to easily add a widget that will show up on product pages (only after the user has used the Layered Navigation to make some selections). The widget area allows the user to see what selections they’ve made to end up on the page. They also have a clear option to return to their results or remove an option to load a page with their new list of results. Genius.

Widget for Product Pages

Made to Fit Your Theme

The options (settings) for this plugin cover every aspect you’d expect in a fully premium WordPress plugin. It’s exactly what you’ll want when fitting your theme’s style.

Widget General Styling Options
Widget Mini Button Styling Options
Widget List Format Styling Options
'Your Selections' Styling Options
Set Your Price Variation
Custom CSS

How it looks DEFAULT

Default Options Layered Navigation

Easy Use Widget Control

This Layered Navigation Plugin comes with 2 widgets; one for your shop pages and one for your product pages. The shop does all the sorting and the product page let’s the user see what they just selected to get there, remove an option for a new search result or go back to their previous search.

Product Page Widget

Product Page Widget

Shop Page Widget

Widget Options